It’s 4 am in Boston and I know I’m going to hate myself for staying up this late, but oh well. Sometimes you have to share when something life changing happens to you. Im an only child so I always knew I could be selfish more often than most, but I never saw my self as egotistical or […]


  Texting itself isn’t bad. People just abuse it. I remember the first text I ever sent. Wow, you mean I can tell somebody I’m outside without having to actually call them? Revoutionary. But textig has never replaced talking on the phone and face to face interaction for me. To hear someone’s voice is to hear […]

Single Black Female.

“When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?” Today, actually.  Right now is what they call “cuffing season”. It’s that time of year when it gets cold and everyone starts looking for someone to snuggle up to. Plus, everyone wants to hurry up and get somebody so they don’t have to face Christmas, […]