Me: Under Construction


I will not be taking a break this Christmas. No, the Grinch didn’t steal my break as this picture may imply. Instead, For a month and half, I will be slowing getting my life together and checking things off my bucket list. There are so many things I want to do and , call me crazy, but I want to start young.

I started going to these lectures about people who started their own business or just did great things in general and I found one common thread: They didn’t wait. They didn’t wait for approval from their friends and family. They didn’t wait for everything to be financially perfect in their life. They didn’t wait for a someone else to find info. They just did the dang thing (I’m laying off cursing ^__^). 

But honestly, I think that’s the difference between successful people and those who are just so-so. Successful people are constantly evolving, changing, and starting new things even if ALL the circumstances aren’t perfect in their lives or in the world. They take chances.  Sometimes they win. Sometimes they lost. But taking the chance is ABOSLUTELY necessary. Without that failure is 100% guaranteed.

So in an effort to take my own advice and follow in the footsteps of all the successful people who have come before me, I’m taking a chance and making some moves.

In the words of Drake, “I just want to be successful…”

P.S. – Okay, I didn’t need the Grinch picture, but I like the Grinch *shrugs*


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