Texting itself isn’t bad. People just abuse it.

I remember the first text I ever sent. Wow, you mean I can tell somebody I’m outside without having to actually call them? Revoutionary. But textig has never replaced talking on the phone and face to face interaction for me. To hear someone’s voice is to hear the meaning of their words. You can tell HOW something is said, which permits clear communication. God, how many conflicts have I been in where I’ve texted something jokingly only for the other person to take it as if I was blowing them off? Too many.  And to argue with someone via text is worse. Texting enables someone to wait 30 minutes to send an ambiguous one word response. And then you, the receiver, are left to interpret their message, overthink your response, and send the same unclear message to them. Blah.

The worst trend in texting that I’ve seen is that people my age MUST text to communicate. It makes my blood boil when a guy will text me “What Up?” and then not answer my phone call 3 seconds later. Only for him to text me again, “Hey chillin at home, Wyd?” —HUH?! If you’re “chillin” at home, why can’t you answer the phone? You know what it tells me when a guy talks on the phone with me? It tells me (1) that he cares enough to hear my voice (2) that he’s probably not having a conversation with someone else at the same time as me. See guys like texting because they can “mac” on multiple girls at once. -__-

Don’t get me wrong, everything has it’s place. If you’re in class, why not have a conversation with your friend via text?  : ) But you won’t see me asking someone for a kidney transplant via text messaging anytime soon.





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