Single Black Female.

When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

Today, actually.  Right now is what they call “cuffing season”. It’s that time of year when it gets cold and everyone starts looking for someone to snuggle up to. Plus, everyone wants to hurry up and get somebody so they don’t have to face Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentines Day alone. By April, everyone’s getting “uncuffed” so they can be free to do whatever with whomever during spring break and summer. I thought this trivial cycle would fade after middle school, but it’s only gotten worse. Now it’s like no one wants to “cuff”, they just want the benefits that comes with “cuffing”.

These days, being single is not for the faint of heart. I think my morale was at a all time low when within a week all the guys I thought were good “prospects” told me that they weren’t looking for relationships, but were more than willing to offer a casual sexual relationship. I passed.

Being single is a big blessing,though. When I was with my ex, the relationship became more of an annoyance than anything else and I always felt restricted. Of course, it varies from relationship to relationship and person to person, but in general, when you’re single you’re free to do you. After me and my ex broke up, I was relieved to be able to sit in my room doing absolutely nothing and not have to think about calling, texting, facebooking, tweeting, or visiting anyone else.

But Hell, after a while being single gets old. God gave Adam a woman for a reason; We’re not meant to go through life alone. For a while, I told myself I didn’t want a relationship because I felt that if I admitted I did, then I would be more disappointed if I didn’t have one. I was right.

I thought I would definately be at a different place right now in my life,but that’s neither here nor there. For now, I concentrate on the things I have and I refuse to settle. Every pot has a top. Just haven’t quite found mine yet.


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